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Fee Guide

At St. Oswald’s we offer private dental care to our adult patients. This allows our dentists the freedom to use the best modern materials and techniques, free from targets or damaging time constraints. We provide many of our treatments for a fixed fee, but that is not always possible as the time taken to perform some procedures can vary greatly.

Some treatments (for example root fillings) use expensive disposable implements. We only use the best dental laboratories for the manufacture of our implants, crowns, bridges and dentures. Your dentist will give you an indication of any anticipated costs and a written estimate can be provided if required.

We generally see children free of charge on the NHS.

Some of our treatments

Consultation (including x-rays if required)
25+ yrs £49.00
18-25 yrs £38.00
Hygienist Therapy
Hygiene Treatment (30 minutes) £68.00
Hygiene failed appointment £27.00
White Filling
Small typically £120.00
Medium typically £150.00
Large typically £180.00
Extraction typically £162.00
Molar Root canal treatment £395.00
Premolar root canal treatment £295.00
Incisor/Canine root canal treatment £295.00
+ re-treatment + £75.00
+ post removal from £75.00
+ direct post placement + £100.00
Porcelain bonded to metal £495.00
All ceramic £540.00
Gold £540.00 + gold cost
Implant crown £900.00
Veneer (discounts for multiple veneers) £465.00
Conventional bridge from £660.00
Resin bonded Maryland bridge from £495.00
Laboratory Shade Assessment £110.00
Acrylic denture (one arch) £550.00
Acrylic denture (both arches) £850.00
Chrome denture £835.00
Tooth whitening (including 6x tubes of whitening gel) £350.00
Whitening gel £18.00 per tube
Internal whitening per tooth from £100.00
ICON resin infiltration per tooth £100.00
Invisalign Orthodontics
Invisalign Consultation £49.00
Single arch (inc whitening & retention) £1900.00
Both arches (inc whitening & retention) £2900.00
Fixed retainer (per jaw) £150.00
Essix retainer (single arch) £125.00
Essix retainer (both arch) £175.00
Vivera retainer, 3x sets (both arches) £350.00
Splints & Guards
Sports mouthguard £125.00
Soft splint £125.00
Hard splint £200.00
Michigan / Tanner splint £450.00
Failed appointment hourly rate £108.00