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Fee Guide

At St. Oswald’s we offer private dental care to our adult patients. This allows our dentists the freedom to use the best modern materials and techniques, free from targets or damaging time constraints. We provide many of our treatments for a fixed fee, but that is not always possible as the time taken to perform some procedures can vary greatly.

Some treatments (for example root fillings) use expensive disposable implements. We only use the best dental laboratories for the manufacture of our implants, crowns, bridges and dentures. Your dentist will give you an indication of any anticipated costs and a written estimate can be provided if required.

We generally see children free of charge on the NHS.

Some of our treatments


During this appointment you will receive an extensive examination of your teeth, gums and soft tissues, and an oral cancer check. Extra diagnostic aids like x-rays may be required and if time allows simple treatments such as tooth cleaning can be provided. New patients enjoy an extended consultation time but for the same fee.


We treat children free of charge on the NHS. Our experience shows that when young adults leave home, they are initially at a high risk of developing serious tooth decay. We, therefore, offer this age group discounted consultations in order to prevent them avoiding regular dental care due to the cost.

HYGIENIST CONSULTATION (approx. 30 minutes) £54.00

A visit to one of our hygienists should leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh. By gently removing plaque and calcium deposits from your teeth and by offering advice to help you improve your oral hygiene, a dental hygienist can prevent diseases of the teeth and gums. They clean away unsightly stains allowing a more confident smile.

WHITE FILLINGS from £64.00

These are non-metallic alternatives to silver amalgam. They are mostly invisible and adhere to the dentine and enamel of the tooth.

ROOT FILLINGS from £270.00 to £374.00

These are performed when the tooth has sustained severe damage and the patient wants to avoid losing the tooth. The number of canals (and the time required), vary greatly according to the type of tooth. This fee may not include the final restoration.


Usually our last resort. Fortunately, with the advent of modern implants, even extracted teeth can be fully restored!

CROWNS AND BRIDGES (per unit) from £350.00 to £560.00

Crowns are frequently employed in cosmetic dentistry or they can be used to strengthen broken down teeth. Bridges are another method of restoring a tooth that has been extracted. The traditional materials are cast metal and porcelain, however, modern ceramics achieve the excellent aesthetic results that patients increasingly demand. Our ‘superior’ crowns are covered by a 5-year guarantee (conditions apply).

VENEERS (per unit) up to £465.00

Veneers are used to enhance a smile without excessive damage to the tooth. They can make a dark tooth match its neighbours, close an unsightly gap or provide supermodel perfection. Very importantly these are also covered by a 5 year guarantee (conditions apply).

TOOTH WHITENING from £250.00

At St. Oswald’s we use the Opalescence system in ultra-thin custom made trays. This will gently lighten the colour of your teeth without some of the side effects of more aggressive procedures. With any effective whitening therapy professional supervision is essential.

DENTURES (full or partial) from £300.00 to £850.00

These are the most basic way of providing ‘false teeth’. They are removable and for some patients they offer the most superior treatment option. Whilst the teeth themselves are made of plastic the hidden components can be made of acrylic or cast metal.

IMPLANTSfrom £2000

These offer the most sophisticated way of replacing missing teeth. They are not always possible but when appropriate they are as close to the ‘real thing’ as you can get. Significantly they are a ‘stand-alone’ solution that should inflict no damage on neighbouring teeth.

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