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A visit to one of our hygienists should leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh.

By gently removing plaque and calcium deposits from your teeth and by offering advice to help you improve your oral hygiene, a dental hygienist can prevent diseases of the teeth and gums.

They clean away unsightly stains allowing a more confident smile.


Joanna Welborn


GDC Number: 02350

Jo trained at the Royal Naval Dental School in Portsmouth and treated naval personnel for three years before moving to private practice.

She has now worked for many years mainly in the south of England but did spend a year working and traveling around Europe. This gave her a unique insight into dentistry in other countries.

Jo has a calm and considerate manner and aims to motivate her patients painlessly and with sympathy. She has the gift of being able to put a nervous patient at ease.

She attends a wide variety of courses that keep her up to date with the latest thinking in periodontology.

Jo lives in Petersfield with Colin her husband their two dogs, Mrs. Miggins and Bales. She makes the best of the countryside both on foot and on her mountain bike and enjoys evenings with a good book or at the theatre.


Cindy Peters

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Phillipa Murphy

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